Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 2nd

Another month has just flew by and it has been amazing here in my new area! Roxas is awesome the ward is great. There are lots of investigators coming to church! The ward likes to help the missionaries. Yes and they feed us from time to time;) No this week we had BBQ squid! I will tell you what that was amazing! They call Roxas the seafood capital of the Philippines so ya I love it here!

I will be honest this week was a little bit different I only worked in my area 1 day:/ Lots of splits with other missionaries in their area! If there is a Baptism interview for us one of us will go to their area to interview them. So this week was one of those weeks! It was really cool to go see other areas in the zone. Who would have guess I would have found a Hoyt bow in the Philippines!!! So sweet! 

Well yesterday we went to Roderik's house to pick him up for church because we are really focusing on him! But he refused to go! just kept saying "next week na lang" We were kinda persistent but nothing happened! So we left and went to church by ourselves! While we were singing the opening song guess who walked into church for the first time! O ya he surprised us and said after we left he just had the biggest feeling that he needed to go! And it was a great meeting because it was fast and testimony meeting! Its always amazing to listen to the strong testimonies of these members here in the Philippines! Because I will be honest its hard to be a member here you really need a strong testimony in the gospel nothing like back home! I am amazed at the members here! They are great!!!

Big shot out to Lexi for her baptism on Saturday! She is the last one. Here pictures were so cute she is really growing!!! Ahhh I love you Lexi!!! And Ben what in the world are you doing growing? You look so tall! I will be honest I don't think I have made much progress on my 6 foot goal. But hey its alright.

I read this quote this week that I really liked! its something like "Always face the sunshine and the shadows will always fall behind you" I just think that's great. We need to always look for the positives and have a good attitude and all the dark shadows or bad things that happen to us doesn't really matter and they will just fall behind us!

So ya we are still rockin' it here. Trying our best to make the most of our time here! I love you all so much and hope all is going well at home! Take care!!!!


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne:)