Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23 2015

Hello everyone!!!! Just got done reading all the amazing emails from all my brothers and sisters and wow are they amazing. How in the world did I get so lucky. Every single one of them are doing great things and couldn't be more proud of them!!!
Of course I had another great week. There is no such thing as a bad week. There might be some bad minuets or hours but never a whole week;) Haha. This week was special because we went to a place that has never had missionaries before and looked for a house where the missionaries could live and also hold church on Sundays! They are called groups and I have only heard about that here. Its just a place where members can go to church and so investigators can attend church so its not so far away. In order to strengthen the members so we can start a branch pretty cool. So here the Bishop is over everything there. He runs both meetings. The group is like 45 min away so that is a huge sacrifice for the bishop but he is as solid as they come and is really a huge part in the progression of the church here!  So cool! The story of how we found the perfect apartment is a story of its own that I will tell when I get back;)
So remember that couple that I met at the bakery and was super excited for. It turns out their family is not super excited about what they are doing. And here a 24 year old man needs his signature of his parents in order to get married. So that's their update and our challenge with them. They are still great and we can overcome that:) We actually didn't go to our ward this week so we are not sure who came to church:/ So I don't have an update on that. We went with the bishop to make sure the meetinghouse we found is OK! We had some great success trackting this week. My comp is just a loving loving guy. Super easy to be his companion. I have got so lucky when it comes to companions!
So this morning we went through some crazy caves and I found my first monkey! So I will send those pictures next week! You will be jealous:) So ya still just loving this. My friend sent me this quote this week for just some reason I really liked. "Just keep on keeping on everyday matters!" Not really sure why I like it but just keep on doing whats right and some day that will be who you are!
love you all so so much!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne

Well I picked the wrong computer this week and can't send any pictures.......but boy do I have cool pictures for you next week:)