Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 16th Letter

Kamusta kamo sa Utah???
namit gid ang linggo namon diri kag namit namit gid ang lugar namon diri sa Roxas! Another week in Roxas! LOVE IT! Well for the announcements this week. I got 3 new missionaries in our Apartment and I got a new Companion. Elder Dacutan,  he is from Bacolod so Ilongo is actually his Native Language! So I am very lucky to be with him. I can learn a lot from him. Another missionary in our Apartment is Elder Kellerstrass from..... Hooper, Utah. He actually lives in Carol Craythorne's ward! So that's a lot of fun! I have never met him before but he lives very close to us!
Well its March Madness and I hope all your brackets are surviving. But here in the mission its a lot like March Madness. There are always those sleepers and there are always those big let down and upsets. Just all part of missionary work! MARCH MADNESS!!!! Always on your toes. That couple that lives far away that I talked about a few weeks ago. They haven't been coming to church and we are not sure why. This week we will find out!
Blandina Alajandro got Baptized this week! She is a very sweet lady who has such a strong testimony! She actually texted us the morning of her baptism and told her she was sick and couldn't come today! She lives 1 hour away from the church so its pretty far. We told her it was her choice. She said she was wondering why on her special day of her baptism she would feel sick like this. So she just prayed and asked God if this is something that she really needed to do and that if this church is really true that she would feel better. And guess what she called us and tears and said she is set and ready to go and her baptism was a great spiritual day!!!
Another transfer down and I am so excited to be with this companion. I have got so so so lucky with awesome companions. And having natives as your companions is such an advantage. So everything is just working out and I have learned a lot from them. Their testimonies are so strong. Less than a month to General Conference! So excited!
Thanks again for all of your emails. Never once has any of you missed a week. That means a lot! You guys are so awesome! Well I am still loving everyday of my mission! This is such an amazing opportunity and I am just want to take advantage of all of it!


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne