Sunday, February 1, 2015


Well I am now in my second area here in Roxas. It is a really nice place and I am really excited to be here. So its a new language so that's pretty cool. Its almost like transferring to another mission. Just the joy of this mission. Ilongo is pretty nice though. Its better than Aklanon which was really crazy. The people here do not know Aklanon. So I am excited. My new comp is Elder Lazaro. He has 4 transfers left in his mission so he has been here for a while. He is a great missionary so I am just really excited.

This week I did a lot of traveling actually. Wednesday I went from Kalibo to Roxas then Thursday I went to Iloilo then on Friday finally got back to my area. So I still do not know a lot about this area. I am just really excited for all the members here. Every night since I have been here I have been fed dinner. There are some pretty amazing families here!

Of course it was sad to leave New Washington I loved that place so much and the people there but I know I will love this place just as much. It is very mountainous. You really are hiking to get to some of these people. They treat missionaries great. So ya I don't know a lot yet about this area I am just really excited for my next adventure here in the mission. Its amazing! I am just in such an amazing place here in Roxas. There are great things to come here and miracles just waiting for me!

So I love you all so much and so happy here. I love it!


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne

His letter is short but here are a couple of questions I asked him and his reply.

1-  So how is your house compared to your old one?
Its a step down. I really really enjoyed that last house it was just a nice little house away from everything quiet and peaceful. This is more in the city so not as quiet. There is no shower like the last one but thats fine. its has a nice place to look over the city and the wind blows so I enjoy just sitting there and thinking

2-  Bigger city and stronger ward I think you will like many come to church there in your ward?
Around 150 but solid solid solid as can be. 

3-  Is it pretty in this mountain city?
It's amazing that mountain city is great and it has exploded with baptisms recently. 

4-  What is the coolest part of your new area?
I have only been to the mountain area so I really don't know much more. I know its the biggest area in the mission and on Sunday to church twice.

5-  Is the food similar?
As far as I know I really haven't been to a lot of places here. I went down to Iloilo for two days where all ZL's and STLS meet and talk about what we can do to improve. So Sunday was my only full day here.