Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16th

Well hello family!!!! I just had another amazing week! I just got back from an amazing place in the mountains. They just opened a brand new church and it is absolutely crazy. It is like going back in time 150 years. Just all farms in the top of the mountains but the church has made it there and the church building which is very nice is like one of the only buildings in the whole place. It is so cool! So we went on a hike to the waterfalls there wow was it cool!

So this week was the Roxas Stake conference and we had the Philippines Area president speak! Wards rented huge semi trucks to take there members to the stake center. It was cool to see how strong the stake is here so many white shirts and ties. This church is so amazing and it is crazy how far it has come in so short of time. God has his hand in his work!!!
 I will tell you a little bit about Ryan. He is 28 years old and about ready to graduate college. He is trying so hard to find the right church and is trying hard to find out for himself through the Holy Ghost! He is hungry for an answer. We can only teach him on Saturday but man it is awesome to teach! I am excited for him!
We are trying really hard to complete the part member families a lot of wives have got baptized but there husbands are a little bit more challenging but that is my goal here is to complete those families and gain the trust of the men here!
Well its been a great week family got to give a shout out to my cute little sister Lexi Lou!!! Turning 8 and is so excited to get baptized!!! I hope you had a great birthday Lexi!!! I am not so sure what you guys are doing about the whole rock hunting thing or who came up with that but that sounds interesting.   You guys sound so good in your letters!!! Man I love you all so much! So have a good week everyone and have fun!!!!
Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne