Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26th

Another blazing fast week! They are getting faster!!!!! Well same as always I am in another hurry! So ignore the mistakes.  I am just going to go! We got Harvey Baptized. YAY! He is the first person that I was able to find teach and see baptized! So special. The baptism was great a actually spiritual. Sometimes they get rushed and its kinda loud with a lot of kids running around but this one was great!!! We were able to teach so many lessons this week. We did not get punted very much at all! We are focusing in one area that is on fire right now and we really don't have to walk very much in a day! because are all appointments are so close are we are sitting down teaching all day if you can believe that! The reason we have so many sweet investigators is because of the members. They are really excited to help us and it is super effective!

So for my exotic food for the week! I ate a head of a chicken. Its actually pretty common here. There are people everywhere on the streets with a grill. Where they grill intestines, fat, heats, liver, and good old American hot dogs:) So pretty cool!

So sadly this might be my last week in this area and with Elder Cruz. It has been great to be with him! I have been lucky with my companions!!! I got to see all of them in Roxas on Thursday and all of us are best friends its great!

I don't know what is going to happen this week but I am excited. Sad to leave this place that has won my heart but excited for the challenge ahead. It sounds like you guys have had a great week with Snow Basin and good old ice fishing at Devils Creek. You guys sure do a lot in a week!!! I love the pictures!!! Well guys take care sorry it sounds like I am in a hurry but I am!!! I love you guys! Bye~


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne