Sunday, February 8, 2015

February 9th

February 9th!!! 

Hello everyone! Well let me just start by saying I have a really really good area! It is full of amazing people. My favorite and I will talk about them a lot they are the Languayan family and I sent pictures of them! They are awesome and just got baptized a few months ago so we are trying to strengthen them and help that area. its a cool place in the mountains and it is a huge sacrifice for them to always come to church! i love them so much!

Sunday was my favorite day this week. It turns out that we have a group in our area. So we go to church there in the morning and help get that running. It is seriously the craziest place for a meeting house. just outside on the dirt in the mountains I could not believe it! There are some amazing strong members that go to it! It just started a year ago so that is really cool to go there. We have a place called mambusoa and somehow there are some members there even though there is no church or meetinghouse they found the church other ways then from the missionaries. So that's pretty cool! That place was the first time that I was sick to my stomach when we tracked a lady who said she had 11 kids and we could go to her house! There were a lot a lot of kids and you would not believe there house. So we just tried to talk about Jesus Christ and the hope that he gives. It was amazingly spiritual. They are far away from the church and have no money to go to church but that was extremely humbling to go into that house with so many kids. You would have never ever guess the mom lived like that by the way we were talking to her at first! She is amazing! We spent 1 day there which is an hour drive from our apartment! Cool cool place and it is amazing the church in a place like that! It really strengthens my testimony of the church!!!

I have a great companion right now he is old in the mission and has like 4 months left! I can learn a lot from him. We both worked really hard and he has one of the best work ethics that I have seen here. So i am very happy to be companions with him! We had a good week! Always busy!

Well I still love it here and I love this area so so so much I think I might be here for a while and that's great! I love speaking this language Ilongo is much much easier than my last area. I love you all so much and hope all is well in the great town of West Point!!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne