Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Wow it is 2015!!! I am so excited to this whole  year that I can dedicate to our Savior! I am going to make it great!!! We all know the importance of making goals. So that we never stop improving! Always having something to work at and stretch. That is how we become something great! Probably the same as everyone else. I refuse to get fat even though the food is so amazing. So I have decided I am going to eat a lot. I am not going to waste this opportunity to eat Filipino food. I just have to wake up early and exercise. We will see how that goes. But I have written down a lot of goals in order to improve my "Christlike Attributes" So that I can be a better teacher and the Spirit can lead me during my mission! 

Well this New Years was great we had an activity with a bunch of members. Where they prepared a lot of games for us. One of them we had to use our mouths to dig for coins in a bowl full of flour. So that explains the picture. It was a lot of fun. Of course we got fed great food! After that I was completely exhausted and went to sleep. So there was not a countdown for me!!! Usually they say that this place goes crazy with fireworks but this time it was kind of stormy so there was none.

So the next day Jan 1 was our Barangays fiesta!! Every little neighborhood has a day set apart where they just throw a huge party with loud music and everyone just goes out and dances!!!! Then pretty much every family cooks giant meals and they invite everyone to come eat! So us as missionaries of course got invited to about everyone houses! HA! They really enjoy feeding people here more than back home! I don't know why but they enjoy it and you can't really say no to them!!! No matter how much you try! So that was a good day:)

 We really wanted to find whole families to teach this week and set it as our goal! And guess what? We found a great family to teach. And we are way excited for them!! Well I wish I could explain more about that but we just got a text from Bishop and he wants me to go to the sementario to go dedicate a grave! Wow how great it is to be a missionary in the Philippines?!!! I love it! I love you all so much! I have got to run!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne

In a letter he wrote to us yesterday he explained a little bit about the family he found.  Here is what he had to say.

"We found and invited a whole family of 6 to get baptized this week and they accepted and went to church!!! The Fernando Family. A 16 year old daughter came to the Christmas Party and invited us over to her family! And they are all so great!!! They gave us all sorts of fruits from their trees when we came! It was just a great lesson!!!"