Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 29th

Perlas Family

Ward Christmas Party

Sister Nora's house (The ward mom)

Food fight


Wow what a week! I will not be able to write all the cool things that have happened this week. First it was great to see you guys on Christmas over skype!!! I loved talking to you all. And what is the deal with the ugly sweaters contest??? HAHA that is awesome!! Who picked out Grandpas sweater??? That is something that we need to continue! The picture was hilarious!!! It sounds like Christmas was a success!!!

So we had a Ward Christmas party on Wednesday! It started at 9 in the morning and didn't end until 3! It was a long long party but everyone loved it! We invited all of our investigators to it and it turns out its a lot easier to come to a Christmas party than church! Haha there was a ton of them. We underestimated the rice we needed to bring for them! But it all worked out. It helped a ton with the people we are teaching to talk to the members and to see how fun the party was! They were really prepared and it was a success. There were so many different games and skits! It was a huge success!!! And way cool to see everyone have such a good time!!!!

Christmas was great! We spent a lot of time with the members and we had a lot of fun with them. On one of them we had a chocolate cake and it turned into a chocolate cake fight!!! It was great!!! We also worked quite a bit on Christmas. And taught some great lessons!!! It didn't feel like the Christmas at home but that doesn't mean it wasn't amazing!! I loved it!

The last few days have been quite productive O ya here is a little story for ya! So remember Alfredo had a hard time getting baptized because his family would be way mad if he did. So he ended up going to Manila and brought with him two Book of Mormons. And he told them what we have been telling him and to just read the Book of Mormon! So he said that they read quite a bit of it and now they are way cool with him being baptized and want the missionaries in Manila to come to there house!! Crazy Right??? So he now knows that this is what he is supposed to do. Kinda cool huh???

Well It was a great Christmas and it was amazing to talk to you and to talk to Talon in Tagalog ha oh yeah another cool side note. The place that we ate at lunch on Christmas was the same exactly family that fed Talon on Christmas 3 years ago!! How crazy is that??? I am still just way happy to be here and have this opportunity to grow!!! I love love love being a missionary! I hope you all have fun at the cabin over New Years!!! Take care and keep up the good work!!!  No body says it better than the Jacob in the Book of Mormon Jacob 6:12!!!

I love you all so much!!!!!


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne