Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 17th

Wow another week has gone by so so fast. Time is so different now. I don't know where it goes. Well before I start I got to give the best mom in the world a giant shout out and mix it in with spiritual thought for the week! Happy birthday momma!!!! I was thinking about how perfect my parents are this week and how they never really told me what I had to do but just gave me an example and then showed that they trusted me. I loved that feeling and always felt lucky to have great parents but now being on a mission I have really realized how amazing they were! So like our Heavenly Father he has given us an example to follow. Jesus Christ! And he too has shows us and puts tons of trust in us! This week I was trying to ask Him for what I should do. I wanted Him to show me what I needed to do. I didn't really receive anything but I just felt like he was saying. You know what Elder Craythorne? You know what you are doing. I trust you! It felt great. Not like he abandoned me but just a great feeling that he trusts me! It just made me think of how my parents were the same way! I love them so much. I hope you all spoiled mom to death cuz she deserves it!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!

Alight well this week has been the most exhausting week of my mission. We have really done some searching for people kind of really far our there. So we did a lot walking and I mean a lot of walking. We found some really sweet places with some really sweet people. The only problem is they are so far away from the church!!! Well I paddled my way to Pinamukan this week! Ya just a little boat. We went for a service project and there were no other boats. So ya that was way sweet! We had a new investigator come to church this week. Arvey Tolintino! Its always way sweet when they show a leap of faith and come to church. We have only taught him once and just met him this week. So we are excited for him. He is a real thinker and really wants to learn more! Alfredo got really sick this week. But we went to his house and gave him a priesthood blessing. His wife who is blind. Had no food because her husband was really sick. It was so sad! But we were able to cook her some food. But yesterday Alfredo was feeling a lot better and felt like the Priesthood really helped him! So that's way cool!!!

Well the computer shop today is super super slow so I can't really go into a lot detail about my week. But hopefully you can get the gist of it and if you listen to the voice recordings you can get a better idea. This week I can say that we worked really hard and gave it our all!!! I am proud to say that. So ya I am still loving everyday! And can not believe how fast it is going by! I love being a missionary and has so much more to say but just can't type them! The mission is awesome! I love everyday! I love you all so so so much and hope everything is going well at home and you aren't getting too cold! It doesn't look like November here that is for sure! Well Thanks for all of your letters and examples!!! Until next week!!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne