Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 10th

What its November?? Where is the time going? I hear it is snowing at home!
I am not going to lie it is weird to not have much change is the weather.
It feels like perfect summer all the time! It does not feel like November!
I cannot believe how fast this has gone. It seems like I was just in high
school! Well I am getting forced to really grow fast here. I love it the
challenges just keep coming. And you know what?? Bring them on I am ready
for them.

So right now I am training a brand new missionary. His name is
Elder Cruz and he lives around Manilla! So he is perfect at Tagalog!!!

Yay!!! He has already taught me so much. Because he just speaks to me in
Tagalog all day and if I don't understand he is good enough at English to
explain what he means! Its way sweet and going to helped me a ton!!! He is
way prepared to be a missionary and is a dang good teacher. The best
teacher that I have had yet as a comp. And he is brand new!! Its awesome!
Now we can really clarify what we are teaching. Because last transfer it
was a really big challenge and we had a limit to the language but now we
don't!!! YESSSS!!! But he is just like me when it comes to Aklanon. So at
least he understands what I feel like!

Well this week was pretty crazy. I had to head down on Tuesday to the
mission home for a Trainers meeting. Which that is a pretty good bus ride
right down the middle of the island on a dirt road! It took a long time and
then I picked up my new Comp on Thursday and we did the bus ride to the
other side of the island again. A perk of being on of the farthest areas
from Iloilo!

Since now I am the District Leader I get to do interviews for the baptisms
of the missionaries in my district. So On Saturday I got to interview a
whole family of 6! The Marcelo family. It was so cool and they are amazing
and so ready to be baptized. Each one was such a spiritual experience. And
I just feel so good that I can communicate with them! I love it. So this
week I was not really home to much but I am way excited to spend all week
this week in my area and strengthening it! Alfredo is now done with coffee
and Cigarettes. Cool right? Its way sweet to see the difference in his life
and how happy he is now!

Yesterday we had about 10 members who wanted to go to all of our lessons
and help us it was way sweet but just a little overwhelming  cuz there was
so many and not a lot of houses are built for that many people but it was
still way cool and they are really helpful. That is why the Philipino
missionaries are so prepared because they work with the missionaries so
much at home!!! Well another crazy week has gone by and I am loving
everyday!!! This is such a sweet thing that we get to do! Missions are
awesome. I love it so much! I love you all and hope all is going well in

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne

Elder Kei 

First Family I Interviewed for Baptism