Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Busy busy week. It was transfer week again. So we send home the old missionaries and pick up the new missionaries including the sister from Michele's ward! We also had another big meeting with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders which was AWESOME. I will talk about that later. So it was way busy at the same time trying to keep finding and teaching families. There is so much joy in that!

BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Everyone please please spoil her! Mom you are the best! I love you so so so much. I just want to brag about my mom. She is the hardest working person on the planet! She just goes goes goes and never stops trying to make her kids the happiest they possibly can be at the same time wakes up super early to work hard in the GYM! She is the best and really just everyone knows I have the best mom in the world!!! I love you so much mom and have a great birthday!!! Because of the way you raised me I have the ability to help people here in the Philippines. All because of you!!!!

The Alifaro family is still doing great! Such a beautiful family where the parents seriously just love each other its so cool. They work so hard to run their store where they sell all sorts of food at a shop by their house. They seriously work all day long its crazy! It really is like a 8am-11pm job. But its working for them. They have giant speakers that blast these amazing Christmas remixes that have been going on for 3 months now! It is so fun! Their kids now have a part in the primary program and came to the practice on Saturday. ITS AWESOME. We just tracted them about 4 weeks ago and they are progressing so fast!!! I love it!

The Maravilla family was for sure the highlight of my week! Chris who  I always talk about is awesome and the funniest man in the world! His personality is one of a kind for sure and is not shy at all. His story is awesome so we wanted to try something different for our training. So every month the leaders of the mission get together to get trained by us but this time we invited a real investigator!!! So we just taught him a regular lesson in front of about 40 missionaries. Ya I know what your thinking kinda weird but his story is just too good we wanted to show them the power that our message has to really change people....even Chris. He really is just as cool as they come so after we taught him in front of everyone. He told us what really goes on in the mind of an investigator. Like what its like to hear the first vision. Or to hear about prophet and Joseph Smith for the first time. It was amazing!!! He did so good. We were nervous to bring him but he really just nailed it! At the end he just stood up and bore his testimony about how this message has changed his family's life and that us as missionaries really have something special and have the ability to really help people here. It was awesome and I have it recorded and will be able to listen to that over and over for the rest of my life......I love it!!!!

Ha ha this something happened for the first time. So our apartment really doesn't have anything but mattress to sleep on. We don't have a refrigerator or anything to cook with. We just do everything in the office at the church. We only sleep in our apartment. We were closing our day and planning for the next day at the church Friday night so tired it was crazy. I don't know what happened but we were planning then the next thing we knew we fell asleep and didn't wake up til that next morning. We thought it was pretty crazy totally slept the night in our proselyting clothes at the church. That was a first! 

This work is amazing. We are having so much fun its crazy! I really just want to help more people like Chris! Its so cool I just want it to happen over and over again!!!

I love you all so much!!!!!!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne