Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Very humbling week! But awesome! We went back up to Roxas this week which was awesome. There is something special about going back to your previous areas! Some families are doing amazing like the Lago family. Some were some sad visits and going through some hard times. But it was a great splits and I still cant get over driving here in Philippines. Beautiful controlled chaos!

So in our area. It was on of those week were we tried super hard and didn't get to see real immediate success. But never the less we just kept going. It was one of the most mentally tough weeks of my mission. We are trying to hard to reach those really high expectations and have complete faith we can. 

The Aliparo family are for sure my favorite!!! Wow its such a breath of fresh air to see a couple so in love with each other. Ya I know that sounds weird. But it might be a culture thing but it was really nice to see a family whole loves each other so much and trying to run a business together working as a team and just happy no matter what happens to them. Their progression is going great. But this week they had a little problem with their house and business. Something they had no control of. I will share this with you so you can kind of feel what I feel every day. So they are living in a house at the same time running a business out of it. They are doing a rent to own system where they will rent it and at the same time give the owner 5,000 pesos every month for 2 years until they will own it. Which is awesome that would improve their way of life so much. So they have it on contract and everything but the owner saw how good their business was doing there and decided that he doesn't want them to own it. So is now forcing them to move out. Which would cause them to go all the way to Cebu. So ya technically you can fight it but they are just too nice and humble that they don't want to cause any problems. Its hard because they were like we are coming closer to Christ and going to church reading the Book of Mormon. Why is this happening right now? Ya its a good question. But showed them a video about the pioneers and how they probably felt the same way! Its was cool and they are standing firm with their faith and just so positive about this. To put this in perspective a little bit to buy everything for them to increase their quality of life it would cost about $150.....I spent more than that for prom. So ya I felt guilty. That has been one of my challenges here. Its been a humbling experience and has brought me to my knees many times. I pray everything works out and know that when they continue on this path. Blessings will come!!!

Well hopefully that didn't make you feel sad. But there are many situations like that and it will help you understand a little of what I am going through here. I have been so blessed!!!!

Another interesting thing that happened was. We tracted and taught a pastor of a different church. Ya that was another new experience. He opened his door and told us he already had Christ and he was a pastor and didn't need us. (But he still said it really kind). We decided just to keep going a be a little persistent and testify of the Restoration. I don't know what happened or why he decided to continue talking with us but he did! He told us he was a pastor and we told him we have a message from God that we would like to share with his family....he said yes. Shocker!!! So we came back Saturday and had a very healthy lesson and taught him the Restoration! He is super smart and said he really is impressed with Mormons. He said he doesn't understand how he s a 40 year old pastor has a hard time getting people to stop drinking but then two 19 year olds come and some how they change. It was really cool!

Its crazy about what happened in Paris! Its also crazy I had no idea until I got and read my emails. I guess I really am in a bubble here in Iloilo. I really do not know what is going on around the world!!!

Ya it was a tough week but felt great! My testimony grew of the Savior and his role in our lives! I am so grateful that through Him and His atonement we can overcome our sins and weaknesses and progress to become like him. Through Jesus Christ and His Gospel we can progress. We can always improve our situation and become more like Him!

I love you all so much and so grateful to be a missionary!


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne