Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015

Another week just livin' the dream! It was really different this week doing zone conferences we were able to talk to every missionary here in 3 days which was awesome. We have about 170 missionaries here! I will tell you what, the spirit in the mission is so cool right now. The goal was just to have the hope come back in the missionaries that they can become the missionaries they always wanted to be! It was cool to see the hope come back in some of the missionaries here!!!

It sounded like a successful Thanksgiving at home got some good food and even better family. Awesome pictures at the cabin. The snow!!!! I love showing people here pictures of the snow at home. They want to experience it so bad. They have all sorts of funny ideas of what they think snow would be like!!!

It was so busy and a lot of hard work. But whenever I think I am working hard I think of what my mom is probably doing at home and that she is working twice as hard as I am at home. I can just picture her sledding with her kids trying to blaze a trail and go down over and over again to make it faster for everyone! Haha that's my mom! I will never be able to work as hard as my mom she just goes goes and goes never stopping trying to help her family and seriously everyone she knows. She is my motivation to work harder because I know she is giving everything she has in her family and everyone around her and it is so special. I love her so much!!!!  

We had a great week in our area. The Aliparo family who was doing so good are having a hard time keeping their commitments. Its really breaking my heart. They are the coolest people ever just trying to work hard to get themselves their own house and land. Which is actually really nice to see people trying to improve their situation. They want it so bad and really like everything they just keep telling us that they know they aren't giving the Book of Mormon enough time. They really do work hard but its just hard to get them to rest on Sunday because they are just hard workers. I have faith that the time will come and that God has a plan for them! They are just super special to me and I love them!

It was a fun thanksgiving here. President and Sister Aquino prepared us a wonderful feast no turkey no mashed potatoes but a feast! I cannot believe that my time is ticking here. I looked at my planner today and saw that tomorrow would be December and it was a weird feeling that I did not expect my heart kinda dropped and realized how fast this once in a lifetime experience is going by. Its a little sad I am going to have a rough time leaving this place. Ya its still far away which I am thankful for! I am just so thankful to be a missionary and to wear this name tag! I love you all so much and ITS NOW CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!!! I am excited to really focus on the Savior now that I understand a little more about who he really is. Its a special time of year if we let it...Lets Let Him In (Ya we are doing the Forgotten Carols this year for the Christmas Conference:))

Enjoy the snow and cold and make some awesome sledding hills for me!!! LOVE YOU ALL


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne