Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

What another great week. So I might answer some questions you might be having. So I kind of have two companions right now. Elder Miner is my proselyting companion from Orem Utah. And his job in the office is supply manager. So when we go our proselyting he is my comp. But if I am in the office. Elder Ramos is my companion. He is 27 years old and hasn't been home in the last 5 years. He served in the Military for 3 years and applied for a mission while he was in the military and the Military released him one day before he was supposed to go into the MTC. So pretty sweet story. He has 5 weeks left and he can go home.

So this week has been full of firsts. I got my license and right after that my first time driving I had to pick up the mission Presidents wife from the airport. So ya I was nervous....there are some rules that just don't apply here I guess. Its super fun tho! So this last week was transfers so really busy here. Missionaries going home and new missionaries coming in. When missionaries go home President takes them to a super nice place to eat and we get to come!

Yesterday we talked to Bishop about having a home teaching caravan because there are just so many inactive members its pretty crazy walking down the streets and how many people will tell you that they have been baptized but don't go to church anymore. We tried it this morning and it was so sweet. A lot of support from the members and they were all given names to go find and check up on and invite them back to church. Then we came back and reported what happened. There were some really sweet experiences of the inactive members so happy that they were visited and came with the members back to the church to eat lunch and to thank everyone for doing the activity. SUPER SUCCESSFUL!! The ward is now planning on doing this every month!!! Its going to help a ton!

Benji and Melvin Canlas got baptized on Saturday!!!! They both are so awesome and are preparing to get the priesthood and someday go on a mission. What a huge affect their decision to get baptized is going to have on their life. It leads to so much more joy and happiness!

A quick shout out to Easton scoring a touchdown in his football game!!! So proud of him what a good kid who tries so hard at everything he does!!! How about Brooklyn in Jr. High WHAT???? yup they are growing up:(

My ward here is amazing. The people here are seriously the elite!!! They are filled with understanding and shine with the Light of Christ which is real! This church is really true and effecting peoples lives around the world so much more than I ever thought! This work is truly amazing and divinely guided. I feel so blessed to have this short opportunity to share it full time.

O got a very sweet phone call from my last companion at a house of the  Lago family in my last area. They just finished their baptismal interview for this Saturday. I was able to talk to them and congratulate them. They were so excited and shared with me their testimony. Words could now describe how sweet that conversation was. I love love love much. I love my mission and love this country!!!
Palangga ko gid kamo
Halong permi
Kabalo ko gid matuod ang ini na simbahan!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne

The picture where we have lipstick on us the tall missionary in the back in my proselyting companion. So after 4p.m. I go out with him to work. His name is Elder Miner from Orem. But Elder Ramos is the other AP which in my other companion.

The picture inside the church was after our home teaching caravan where we were given a bunch of names and went two by two to locate them and see if they moved or are still there just less active. It was a big success and the first time that the ward has tried it. We showed them a video on how it works and decided to try it in our ward. They loved it and want to do it every week. This is going to explode the attendance of this Ward. Everyone is excited and after we come in for some good food. Pretty sweet:)