Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24th 2015

Well I am officially in the 3rd area. Even though transfers aren't until next week! I got a call on Monday from President saying that I would be have to make my way to the office on Tuesday after District Meeting. So that was fast and also unexpected. It was really sad that I couldn't say goodbye to all the members and investigators but we woke up early to say some goodbyes which was nice!

This week has been like nothing I have ever experienced on my mission. There is a lot done here in the office and I am still not sure where I fit in to the whole scheme of things. You are very close to President and get to see lots of other missionaries which is also nice. I am also going to get my license tomorrow! Driving in the Philippines!!!!!!

So it is really different but I know  I can learn a lot in this situation and I am going to just take it head on and try to let it change me! So I am now in Arevalo Ward which is the strongest ward I have been in yet. The Priesthoods classes separates and everything its great and lots of great families who I already love so much. "First impression is everlasting" So I have been working my tail off this week to try and leave a nice first impression in my area to build good relationships here as well! 

Even though we are in the office we got some good work in and had a sweet experience. They were showing me some members and we went to one less active member named Beo. We were talking to her for a while and it started raining really hard. Then a lady walked in who decided to teach instead of the less active member. It was a beautiful discussion about families and she opened up to us on how she decided to come to Beo's house which was pretty cool. She just met this lady Beo at the hospital a few days ago where they became friends. This lady was so impressed with Beo that she wanted to go visit her. She said that she went to her house but got shy because she just met Beo a few days ago and that it might be awkward she she walked away and she said when she walked away the wind blew her umbrella really strong towards the direction of Beo's house. Like I said it was a pretty good storm. She said she is a religious lady and took it as a sign that she need to her house. Little did she know that there were two Americans in that house with a message for her!:) So she is great and knows that there is something that Heavenly Father wants her to know. She did admit that she is very active as a Catholic but gave us her address and phone number to meet her family this week. So we will see how that one goes! To be real that was really cool. Again seeing the hand of God in missionary work. 

Like I said this is going to be a different couple of transfers here but I know that I have something I need to learn here and I accept that. A big shout out to Ryker with a beautiful deer and a pick 6 late in the 4th quarter to win the game!!! Taught him everything he knows;) Ha ha But everyone deserves a shout out because every one is just doing so good at home and am so proud of everyone! I love you all family:)

Alright well I am off again and love you all so much. I have such a beautiful family cheering me on at home and I feel your prayers here on the other side of the world!


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne