Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 11th 2015

Hello everyone! I actually got back from a place called Manoling. It would be interesting to look up on a map! I have talked about it before I think but its a place so so so far into the mountains where there in a chapel. In a place you would never think there would be members but there is a strong ward! We went to some sweet waterfalls and did some cool hikes. I will send some pictures.

This week President visited our apartment and told Elder Dacutan and I to go to three different towns in Roxas and find apartments to open the area up. President is wanting to do a massive expansion. A lot of our week last week and a lot of our week this week is doing that. But we were able to have some powerful lessons even though we had so little time. We invited the first counselor to come with us to all of our lessons to relate to all of the dads of other families we are teaching. It made a big difference . The youth help a lot here but sometimes its a little challenging to get older people to come to lessons with you! But it was nice!

This week I learned a lot about having a vision of what you want to see done and do it. I think that is what I have really tried to do on my mission. Before my mission I would always say that there are only two things that you can control. Your effort and attitude! When you get out of your apartment you decide what kind of day you have. If you go out thinking that your going to have a good day and find someone who is ready for you and that your investigators will start keeping their commitments good things happen. There is so much power in a good attitude. The work is affected with a good attitude and enthusiasm! 

It's sometimes easy to get disappointed when families who promise to come to church and commit very hard never show up. I don't think I have ever been more excited for a sacrament meeting in my whole mission. We had some awesome families who committed and promised they would come to church. So Elder Dacutan and I were so excited to go to church last Sunday. We were jumping around all Sunday morning getting ready because we knew it was going to be a great day! But come time for church the Llaver andSerafin family did not show up.....So we were a little bit bummed but you know what I would have probably let that affect me a bit. After church we talked about it and said that we wouldn't let that affect our day and that we were still going to act like they came to church. So we went out to work happy like we were that morning and we were able meet some more great people. It's the same way in school and sports. I would find myself worrying about things out of my control and letting that affect me. But if we just focus on the things in our control and do them with full EFFORT. Then face the things out of our control with a good ATTITUDE. Then we will feel happy with our self and enjoy what is right in front of us. 

That picture of me doing my laundry can not explain how I feel about it. Its a love hate kinda thing. I like the experience. Like who else gets to do this? I feel like I am going back into time. I gain so much more respect for the moms here who spend crazy hours doing laundry for their families each week. My companion wakes up an hour early about ever three days to do his laundry Its crazy! I just save it all up for 1 week!

Everybody have fun on the deer hunt! I am expecting some results this year and some good hunting stories next week! I love love love my family. I love love love the Gospel and the guidance that it has given to me and the opportunity I have to be a servant of the Lord! There is nothing else like it!

I love you!!!


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne


Interesting cultural side note! Kids here catch spiders and then put them on a stick to fight until one spider kills the other! Interesting to watch.