Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

Woke up this morning to find this email from Jackson.  He did manage to send Jil and I a short email with one  picture so I will take a little bit out of each of ours to make up this weeks email.  


Well as I was typing the group letter the power went out and it just came on. And we have an appointment right now so we are heading out. Sorry there is no group email... But my week was so beautiful! I am in the best place in the world!!!! I love you all so much! 

A little bit from his email to me.........

You are exactly right there is no where else I would rather be than the Philippines the work is fulfilling and there are so many opportunities to do good and learn. I seriously have learned so much from the people here again. I am so interested in them and their way of life. I think I realized the scale of how poor people are here. If you flipped burgers at McDonald's you would be making the same as lawyers here! So crazy. I don't know how much you could afford on your mission but we can't afford cereal and milk and that's a humbling thought!! Of course I have money in my account which I use sparingly because I really want to try and live as much like they do for the time that I have here. Its pretty sweet spending 1-2 dollars per meal! Its a fun challenge! Alright well I better move on to Mom's email. FYI I am going to Iloilo.....again this week. Thank you for everything!!!!

To him mom.......

I got your package two days ago! I am so excited to make those cookies tonight! I am willing to bet no missionary in this whole mission gets more packages and letters from home than your son. You guys spoil me!!! I am not complaining either! I love it! Especially all the letters. there is not a week that either you or Melanie don't send me a letter. Its helps so much!   

I am in the best mission in the world. The Philippines is exactly what I need. I first thought that the people needed me more than I needed them but I was so wrong the longer I have spent here the more I realized that this place is exactly what I need! I love you mom so so much.

Then he sent his mom this with the picture attached.....

I would be lying if I said this wasn't a pain. Not too many missions have to
do this....:)