Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8th 2015

Another transfer down in the books. I am  on my 8th transfer here in the field. My 4th transfer here in Roxas! It was another boss week. The stake activity was twice as successful as I thought it was going to be. It turned out so good! There were actually more people that went to Meet the Mormons than Stake Conference. We made it a big deal and the members really did a good job inviting friends. It was one of the coolest things after the movie we had so many members come to us saying "gusto ko magpakilala sa inyo" Or I have someone I want you to get to know. It was so successful and really got the Stake excited. And of course the Lago family came. This week we really wanted them to get to know the members on the ward so they feel like they belong and it has been successful. They are now going to early morning seminary with them. Pretty awesome!

They had an awesome time at  church again. While members were giving their testimony the mom was touched and crying. She really felt something and when she gave the closing prayer she was crying again. She is just so thankful that her family has changed because of the church and just so happy. It really touched me and was cool to see!

I was impressed by Meet The Mormons. I thought they did a very good job and it really helped us. If it helped here in a small island in the Philippines I am sure it did a lot of good around the world.  The church is amazing all around the world and changes peoples lives and inspires them to do better. Thats one thing I have focused on this week is trying to find out what I really want to become and then setting goals to help me become better.

My testimony has really grown with fasting this month. I will be honest...its my weakness. Fasting especially on the mission has been hard from me. But my investigators really need that extra power that comes from fasting and have been determined to not be selfish and overcome the natural man. All I can say is that I have seen a change in our work and in myself. Its a great feeling knowing that you had control over the natural man and that your faith was stronger. I know that fasting is powerful and there is a reason to fasting. If we have a purpose and a right desire we will see the change that we are fasting for!

It was the first week of school for everyone here but you guys are now out! So have fun and go fish Stateline for me! Send some pictures and make me proud! I love you guys so much and just want you to know that I am so happy and so proud to be a missionary of this church!
Tonight we are having a big BBQ with a very big less active family which I am very excited for and hopefully they will feel how much they miss the feeling of being in the church!!! Alright love you all so much

Elder Craythorne

Here is a email that explains the pictures......

The Uball family is the big family. They are great one of the kids just got married and those two are progressing really good and coming to church. Really the only concern with them if you can count it a concern is their little kid is so annoying that they are shy to go to church because they are embarrassed!  I have never seen a more annoying kid. They are all so nice are so smart and their youngest is crazy!!! They are good though.
The couple is my favorite favorite favorite couple I have met here. So awesome!!! Alan and Triza! Unbelievable!!!
We went to the beach again this morning!!!!