Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15th 2015

Happy Fathers Day!!! I have to give a huge shout out to my old man and brag about him a little bit. He is the best example of a real man I could ever ask for.  One of the busiest people but I would never know because he spent so much time with us kids. We always knew he loved us and always know we had a strong priesthood holder in our home! He is my hunting buddy, fishing partner, and best friend. I love you Dad!

Saw a pretty cool miracle this week in our work. We tracted a huge family. The Onera family! They were so good but just weren't grabbing a hold of the message like we wanted them to. We decided to give them one more chance before we gave them some time. They were very excited to see us because they had a family member come home from Manila and it turned out that he became a member of the church in the Manila. So they really changed and the member is helping a ton! It was no a coincidence that we tracted them and the timing was perfect. It was all part of the plan! We were praying that something would happen to help them accept the happiness of the Gospel in their lives and guess what! We got something huge!!!! Very cool!

We had a cool stake conference this week and there wasn't even enough space in the Stake Center to fit everyone. That's really cool to see. We really had a good week from the referrals from Meet The Mormons. Some solid referral families. That we contacted and are now working with. Exciting exciting time right now and I am as excited as ever!!!

I got my birthday package this week! and all of your awesome letters. Thanks so much for the love! Have a great summer everyone! I love you all! Keep rockin'!!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne