Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

My first birthday in the Philippines was something I will never ever forget! Wow what a great week! Actually the 25th was not all that eventful. Like I said last week me and my comp had to go down to Iloilo for another two day meeting! So we actually celebrated it on the 27th. And boy was it awesome. There were so many members who made it a big deal and made it quite the event! I sent a bunch of pictures so you can get an idea about how awesome it was. I love these people so much and i felt really loved on Saturday. We had a bunch of cakes that the Bishops wife made and people prepared dances and songs. Just an amazing sight. I will never forget these people here! They are very special to me!!!

We had baptisms this week from a family who became members on a different island but after they moved here they became less active but now their testimony has caught fire again. Their kids weren't members yet. We also extended a baptismal date to their neighbors who are also coming to church with them. They have been a great example to their friends and the excitement is high.

After the baptism we had a ward lunch at the beach. I sent some pictures of that and it was an awesome white sand beach. An awesome activity to get the ward excited and welcome the new members. So ya this week was a crazy busy week but super fun!

You guys sound like you are having a great summer. Ryker is trying to make me jealous from his Alaska bear hunt/ fishing trip but its not going to work because I am in the best place in the world working for the Lord. But I am proud of Grandpa getting his Grizzly Bear with his Mathew's! That's so cool to have such a big goal and work so hard for it even when it seems hard. Goals are what we need to reach our full potential. Here you make goals daily, weekly, and even monthly to make the most out of your time.

This is my hump week and its actually kinda scary how fast this has came. They say it gets so fast after your year mark and that scares me even more. I enjoy every day here. So thanks for all your birthday wishes. It was amazing probably the biggest birthday party i have ever had! I felt really loved and a confirmation that I am here for a reason and doing some good!

I love you guys so much have fun a Fish Lake!!!!!!!


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne