Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 22, 2015

Hello everyone!!!

Another week down! I guess its fathers day today and not last week. So another shoutout to my father and my grandfathers. I love and appreciate you so much and everything you have done for me. I guess Ryker and Grandpa are in Alaska!!! I am so jealous and I am expecting some monster fish from him and hopefully Grandpa can fulfill his dream with his Grizzly!

I loved hearing about Camp Helaman. Those awesome activities that the church has are amazing and have had a huge impact on me! We are so lucky to be surrounded with so many amazing leaders! I am really excited to have my first birthday in the Philippines! We got some things planned with our Ward and Investigators to make it a great one!

A lot of members worked with us this week to try and start building relationships between the active members and our investigators and less active members. That has been really effective. Its cool to see all the connections that people have with the church here. You meet a lot of people who have family or neighbors who are members. Its really something special.

So I am sure you are very familiar with the Lago family. Well a few of them worked with us this week even though they are not members the think they are. It was cool to hear them bare their testimony because they aren't doing it just because they are members of the church but they can really say that the Book of Mormon has affected their family! We just need to be patience and know that a time will come that they will be baptized and then sealed in the Temple someday! I loved hearing about Macy being able to witness one of the families she taught get sealed. How cool is that. Missionary work really is eternal and does a whole lot of good!

I love you all so much and I know that we have a Heavenly Father. Even when sometimes we don't understand everything and things are really hard. He is there and He loves us!


Elder Craythorne