Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th 2015

Maayong hapon kamo tanan!!! Awesome awesome week. Yesterday we had the first sacrament in Sigma. It was a huge deal and I sent some pictures to show you how many people came to witness it and of course it was the first Sunday of the month and you can probably imagine how spiritual of a testimony meeting it was being the first one in that area. Its not its own unit yet. Its kinda like what we used to do with the people who are sick and cant go to church and take the sacrament so we used to take it to there house back at home. Its like but they have speakers and Bishop attends. Just a sacrament meeting in another place to help the church grown even though its not a branch yet. Its really close though!!! The spirit of that meeting was indescribable and just the people are so excited!!!! I love it!

This week was awesome when it came to investigators' Book of Mormon reading. Sometimes its a challenge to get them to REALLY read the book of Mormon. They need to really know how important it is in order to get really converted and not leave as soon as they join the church. The Lago family and the Uball family didn't just read the book of Mormon but really searched and they know how important of a book it is! So I was very happy about that.

I am sure you heard of the Mayweather and Pacquaio fight and that happened to be during our church... So our church attendance at the Ward was not the greatest. Pacquaio is HUGE here the whole city like shut down during his fight. No tricycles no jeepneys. They all support their fellow Filipino. We did have a surprisingly amount of strong members who still came despite Pacquaio. He has done a lot of good here and is an inspiration to this country!

Its kinda funny here in Roxas there are two missionaries from West Point and one from Hopper. No other Americans just 3 of us less than 5min from each other back home!!! Pretty crazy!

I cannot believe its almost Mothers day and I get to see my awesome family again. You guys sounds amazing in your emails and I am so excited to hear your voices!!!! I love you all so much and just so lucky to be a missionary and I am here to make the most of this opportunity! 


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne