Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25th 2015

Hello everyone!!! Hope everyone is doing great. Sounds like the boys continued the annual overnighter at the cabin. Makes me proud!!! Nobody even had to go to the hospital this time! Good work! I hope you are all having fun at the cabin and saved me a cinnamon role!:)

Yesterday was one of the best sacrament meetings I have ever been to since I have been here! The Lago family came and all the members were super nice. They know their situation and after church a couple of them came up to me feeling so proud saying they challenged them to get baptized even though their family problems. So we are getting some support. They are awesome and so strong! The lessons are always very very emotional. I LOVE IT!

Yesterday was kinda cool. The story of how I met the Mayor is kinda long anyway I ended up in the same room with the Mayor who is HUGE here in Roxas. He was going around talking to lots of different people and I decided to try and place a Book of Mormon with the Mayor. So we went up to him and introduced ourselves and he wasn't super pumped about it and kinda went on talking to other people. But then I tried again and told him that my dad was the Mayor in our city back home. Ha ha like I said being a Mayor over here in a big big deal they are similar in status to a Governor.  So as soon as I said that he totally changed and he told his body guard guy to grab a chair and some food for me and the rest of the time he was there for about 20 min we talked about our purpose here and it turned out he has been to Utah before. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and he told us we can go to his office and ask for some money if we need help. So ya that was really cool.

Ha ha o ya last Monday we planned a family home evening with a part member family. We didn't really know if they remembered that we were going there but when we got to their house there were so many people who prepared so much food and even the girls spent all day preparing a dance performance for us. They had a microphone and tons of speakers. it was a wonderful opportunity and we took full advantage and really built relationships with the people in that neighborhood and it paid off come Sunday and 4 of them came to church! So that was awesome! 

Its been a great week like always! Great things are happening here! i love it. I love the church! I love the mission! I love the Philippines! Thanks for all of your letters. I got a package from Neal and Suzanne! Thank you so much for thinking of me like that! Thanks to all of you! You are always sending letters and sending some love from home! It may seem small but it means a lot to me!

I love you all so much and wish the best!


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne