Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 22nd

Christmas in the Philippines

Wow it is the week of the Christmas and there is still no snow here! I am still waiting!!! The spirit of Christmas is pretty much the same here. There is a giant Christmas tree made out of Bamboo here in the plaza! People who don't usually go to church went to church and tons of Investigators made it to church! It was sweet it was a packed house and it was great!!! Now if only it stays like that after Christmas!!!

Well this week we traveled down to Iloilo again! So the few days we had to work we hit hard! We had some sweet lessons. People received answers to their prayers that The Book of Mormon is true and we also saw the strength of Satan. He is pretty strong and he really has quite the weapon with Alcohol. I  just love the Word of Wisdom its my favorite commandment for sure!!! So with Mika she wants to get baptized but her husband and her husbands family which she lives with will pretty much kick her out if she does. She is so so so so sweet but its just way sad to see. I know that there will be a way for her to get baptized. We just have to trust Heavenly Father!!!

Our apartment changed again and I am with Elder Cruz my comp still and Elder Layugin and Elder Gan so all Filipinos!!! So that's way sweet! Elder Layugin is a great cook and makes some amazing Filipino food. I have just accepted the fact that I am going to gain weight here!! The food is just so good!!!

Well I just love this Christmas season. It is a bit different when you are far away from the people you love the most but man am I excited to have it here in the Philippines! How many times are you going to have Christmas in 80 degree weather and wearing the name tag?!!! I am just enjoying the joy here and loving everyday! I am so stoked to talk to you all on Friday!!! I hope you all have a mMerry Christmas. And really remember why we have the great Holiday! Its really tough to not get tied up in all the other traditions but it is just nice to slow down and really really think how great of a gift our Savior is and really ponder the meaning of his birth!!!

I love you all so much!
Maligayang Pasko!!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne