Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Mayong aga!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST GWAPA SISTER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!! Everyone should watch out we got a new teenager in the family! Big 13!!! Wow but I could not be anymore proud of her!!! She is turning into quite the special young women! I love you so much Brooklyn and have the best birthday ever!!!!
Alright so we had a mission tour with Elder Bowen of the Area Presidency! I don't think I have ever had an opportunity like that to be around someone that high up in the church and wow was I impressed. To explain him I would probably just say a man with a firm understanding. He just gets it and understands whats going on! He was awesome! I got to spend lots of time with him and he also interviewed me! They literally live the law of concentration and gave up so much to live and serve here in the Philippines!
Here are a few things I learned from him! I think I talked about a few weeks ago that he wanted us to study about the Abrahamic Covenant and the House of Israel! At first I didn't really know why and was kinda thinking it wasn't a big deal. I obliviously did not understand at the time. Throughout his training he kept asking:
"Why are we talking about this? So we can know who we are!
Why is it important to know who we are? So we act accordingly!" 

He used doctrine to have us understand who we really are and what kind of potential we really have! Through the Abrahamic covenant he were blessed with exaltation IF he stayed faithful and kept the commandments of God! As part of the House of Israel we are also entitled with this same glorious blessings upon the same conditions. A huge portion of the scriptures are about this. Again why is this important? So we can know who we are!
Why is it important to know who we are? So we act accordingly!" The more we understand who we are the more we will act the part!!!

Knowing a little bit more about this really really really helps understand the scriptures so much more. It makes a big difference so I would like our family for a few days of scripture study try and learn a little more about the house of Israel and what they really are. Because it is in the Book of Mormon 105 times! I think that will really help!!! Let me know how that goes:)
To be 100% honest I have never just talked to everyone like I have this last week. We found so many people!!! Our schedules were full this week for sure!!! We really just went all out this week expecting miracles!!! I hope and pray that the Holy Ghost will touch them and help them see how beautiful the Gospel is!
Thanks again for all your support. I have the best family! I know that the Gospel has helped our family so much. We are the product the teachings of the church and so proud if it!!! I know that families are forever! Just like the song. I saw my mother kneeling with my family each day. I heard the words she whispered as she bowed her head to pray. Mine was also a home where every hour was blessing by the strength of priesthood power! My father and mother lead the way and taught us how to trust and obey. I am so thankful that love is spoken here!!! I love you family and miss every single one of you!!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne