Monday, September 28, 2015

October 28, 2015

Hello everyone!!!

This week was fun of learning and humbling experiences. First of all Saturday was a sight to see at the stake family day. I think it was a nation wide thing. Where it had a bunch of activities to strengthen families. It is so cool to see while the world is getting farther away from families we are getting closer! There is one family that I don't know if I have talked about yet the Dison family. The mom has been a member since she was about 17 and now she is about 30 with 5 kids. All of those 5 kids are below 6 years old! Those kids are full of energy and you can just see how hard she is trying to do her best to raise them.  Her husband doesn't have a great job and isn't a member yet. He wants to get baptized and is ready except they actually aren't legally married yet and the father lost his birth certificate. But anyway that will work its self out but to see them bring their whole family to church is quite the sight. I am sure it is not easy and could get frustrating sometimes but there is something that brings them back each week and its awesome!

Conference weekend is here once again. You will get it a week before I do so please next week try not and include any spoilers!!:) Like I said last week those general authorities are amazing and I can only imagine the apostles. I am really excited to see who the Lord calls to fill those positions. How cool is it that we have apostles that sacrifice so much to help grow the church.

The Selim family accepted a date to get baptized on the 31st of October. They are the ones who have standards like they are members a church and just so prepared. They have 3 kids that are all really little pray for them. 

Dela Vega family with 5 kids came to the family day on Saturday and promised me they would come to church....but didn't. I am not sure why maybe we can blame it on the rain but we will see. Pray for them.

 The Recto family probably one of the biggest houses in our area have really accepted us well and just so smart. Mark who is about 30 years old and the dad is a Medical Rep. he sells anesthesia to the hospitals here in Iloilo! We are going to need miracles. All of these families have came from tracking the last few weeks and really have just thrown our faith at Heavenly Father showing him our desire to see miracles and I trust, know, and expect miracles to come from these families! Pray for them.

I love this and am expecting great things to happen here. I am putting all my faith and trust in Heavenly Father knowing that his plan is better than mine.

I love you all so much

Elder Craythorne