Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! Ya but no joke its the next holiday here so the Christmas season is in the air!  I'm not complaining! Yesterday was our Ward Conference that we have been preparing for since I got here. We wanted to make it big so the ward has been visiting a lot of less actives and its been a huge team effort and yesterday we saw the reward! It was awesome seeing so many people show up and it has really sparked some excitement here in this ward! 

The only problem is that I don't really get to spend a lot of time in my area. We go around traveling a lot and go on splits with other missionaries which is a lot of fun. We really get to know a lot of missionaries and see how they do missionary work. I really like it because I learn a lot from them. Everyone is unique and does things differently. Some work better than others but it has been sweet to see! You also get to see the different levels of desire. Some missionaries are so excited and have such a great pure desire and its a lot of fun to work with them. Then there are those that make missionary work harder than it really is and frankly not very fun. It really depends on the missionary on how much they enjoy their mission. You get what you put into it! That goes for everything I guess!

We have an awesome couple that we found this week that have been prepared for a long time to accept the gospel. The Asenin family! They have 3 kids and the happiest couple you have ever seen. They love each other and work together to raise their family! One of the biggest problems I have seen here is the dad works and uses a lot of that money on his alcohol and cigarettes. Which leaves a little left for his wife and kids to eat. This man is one that does not have that problem which is uncommon as sad as it is to say! The reason is they were both affected by it when they were kids by their parents and they both don't want that for their kids. Their desire is so pure and really so family oriented! Of course we invited them to "Pray to know" so they can get an answer if the church is true is not. So when the came to church they were glowing and so excited to tell me that they got their answer and know that the church is true! MIRACLE!!! I am excited for both of them. 

And this letter would not be complete without the highlight of my week. I had one of those tender moments that really touched me and it will be hard to explain and probably even harder for you to picture but. After we taught the Asenin family their second oldest child gave me one of the most powerful hugs ever. She is so little but I was wrapped in a feeling that just surrounded me with such a special feeling. Only about an hour after that I met a family where one of their sisters just died at only 28 years old because of that same problem I explained in that last paragraph. She left 3 young boys here. So the whole family was gathered together and they introduced me to those 3 little boys and with that recent hug still in mind I got on my knees and just gave each of them a hug and that same feeling came back and it confirmed to me that I have such a HUGE purpose here and that God really does love us and I felt that love so strongly through those kids this week that I cannot explain but only know that it is so real and so pure!

Hopefully through this email you can feel at least a little bit of what I felt this week here in this beautiful place doing this even more beautiful work! I KNOW ITS TRUE! 


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne