Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20th 2015

 na kamo???? We just received a lot of pesos and I get to go buy an apartment for the new area and fill it up with the things they need today! So I will just send a quick little letter. Another great week here in the Pines. We were very successful with the group this week but after this week we might lose the group and give it to a new set of missionaries. So our area is going to shrink and change a lot. We were able to contact a lot of new people this week because we lost most of our investigators to the new Elders! 

The Cortillio family is still in our area. And they went on vacation this week so I have no news for them! give it another good shot this week! 

Something that was very different this week was the missionaries got invited to sing in a choir for a HUGE festival in Capiz. There were tons and tons of people. Did not know I would do something like that on my mission. But it was pretty crazy. Very big stage and lots of people. Its cool our church was 1st and we represented well!
The mission is doing great its the best thing in the World!
I love you all so much and love hearing about your weeks. I took pictures of all your letters so I can read them tonight when I have time! 

Pallanga ko kamo tanan!!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne