Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Today has been one of those bad internet days! I don't know whats going on anyway I only have a few min. to write. So I will share a few things I learned this week!

First of all wasn't conference great? My favorite was President Uchtdorf where he talked about not being a fake member of the church. Where you go to church and look like your doing everything right when really you don't get the full meaning! He really just challenges us to evaluate ourselves even when we think we are good. We can always do better and always grow closer to our Savior!

The lesson that I learned this week is really what my purpose is here! So last week we met a few people who were investigating the Jehovah Witness church. So they told us that the next lesson they wanted to tell them why our church was right and the other was wrong! So that night I did a little bit of studying and got my case ready for our next appointment with them. I was very excited and confident going into this lesson. When we started the lesson and I told them what I studied the night before to tell them why they should stop investigating one church and to come to ours. But man I will tell you what it was very different from the other lessons that we have taught. And not in a good way. Its not like what we said was wrong but it was lacking the most important tool......the spirit. We thought that we could teach without the spirit just to prove that our church was right. There is a huge difference between a lesson with the spirit and a lesson without the spirit. So half way through the lesson we decided to change our tactic and go back to what our purpose is. Which is not to prove us right and prove others wrong but to teach and testify of the truth! That is when the spirit comes and teaches! So to end the story after we realized we needed the spirit those investigators committed themselves to come to church before we even invited them! 

The church didn't get started here in the Philippines because a bunch of 19 to 21 years old came over and proved their church right. But that God actually is guiding and anxiously engaged in this work. Its though the spirit that people learn of spiritual truths! I hope that makes sense. I don't have a lot of time to think and make sure what I am typing sounds good. I'm just going!

I have a lot more to say especially about the Cotrillio family. The mom is very very Catholic and so it will be a process for here but we have see positive progress with her. Since we have taught about Joseph Smith and the First Vision she has been very different in a good way.  I will hopefully have good news about them next week!

So thank you so much for all the support. Got to give a shout out to Ben for making Junior Class Vice President, going on his first date, getting his license and just for being a great kid. So proud of him!!! I love you family more than anything!


Elder Craythorne!