Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016

Well this will be a short little letter! I will make a voice recording tonight and send it tomorrow real fast to explain my week because there is so much to tell!!! My card reader is now broken so I can't send any pictures this week which is too bad! Don Cooper invited us on a little trip for our p day earlier today!!!! I am the most spoiled missionary ever!!! We went and visited some other remote islands and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! So much fun! I will tell you more when I get home;)
We moved to a nicer meeting house this week! The only problem is.....there were people standing outside because there were so many people.....yes that is a problem. So we can't really do to much more until we find a new place to go to church! With the help of Don Copper we easily could bring 150 people to church...if we had the space. So ya things are going good here.  But the more I am a missionary the more I feel just like a tool in the hands of the Lord. I was always worried about doing just the right things and saying just the right things. But really its so not me leading the work here. Heavenly Father is seriously just doing everything for me! I am just trying to get out of his way! That really is what it feels like here.
We bought a microphone and speakers so we are getting way more legit! We are having too much fun seriously. We are getting spoiled here! I had imported ribs this week! Like ya. I went from eating dogs, chicken heads, chicken feet, really every part of chickens and ducks to eating first class meals every day!
Alright well we really got to go. I will stay up and send a voice recording to all the kids. I feel way bad they email me every week and I have been so bad at writing them back.
I love you all!!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne