Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

First of all Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world!!! He is seriously the best! He works so hard for his family! It is awesome he seriously does nothing unless it is with his kids! I have the perfect model of a father and I love him so much! He is my best friend! I love you dad! Thanks for everything!

Sounds like you all had a successful Florida trip! I love the pictures! You all look so happy and its nice to see Ryker's wide variety in outfits.....:) Haha Lots of fun memories! I went to Dao, Antique this week for splits. That is one of the most famous places for beautiful sunsets. We tired to make it in time to see it. But we were about 5 min. late and missed it! Such a beautiful place we will for sure go through it when you come here! I sent some pictures!

This week we had a world wide training from Salt Lake which was amazing being taught from the apostles! The theme was "Teach repentance and baptize converts" It was really special for me because I have really been trying to follow the spirit in all that I do here. But sometimes I just don't notice it I guess. I pray every day for the guidance of the Holy Ghost but just feel like I was lacking a little bit in my ability to listen and follow the spirit. But during that training they taught a lot of things that we have just started doing in our companionship the last few months. I then realized that the few adjustments that we have made the last few months were not from us but from the spirit. I just kept thinking over and over. The same spirit that guides us, guides the apostles. It was comforting knowing that even when we don't realize it we are being guided by the Holy Ghost.

We have just been spoiled here with so many HUGE blessings that we totally have ignored the small blessings that we get everyday! 

Still having an awesome time with my two amazing companions. Elder Smith and Elder Dorman! It has been an absolute blast! Never do I have to worry about companion problems. We just are always pushing each other!

I got to run! I am still having so much fun! I love you all so much and hope that you all have a great week!


Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne