Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

This has got to be the coolest week ever! I am sure you are all hearing that but seriously. It was one of the first times where I have noticed the change I have made since being here. So Elder Dorman and I are really trying to do something big for 2016 here in Iloilo Mission. This week we were invited to attend all of the Stake Council Meetings in the whole island. Which is an awesome opportunity. We made a prezi presentation and showed them the power having a vision, setting goals, and making plans to strengthen their units! I could go on for hours about how it all went down but I will just say that they all went 3 times better than we expected! We felt guided and a confirmation that it was what the Lord wanted! It just felt so good! So for the start of 2016 the leaders are all so excited to see their units grow branches will plan to become wards and wards will plan how to split. We are so excited!

So since we went around the whole island this week. I got to go back to New Washington and Roxas. And see their progression.....seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen. The change from where their lives where a year ago and now was amazing!!! I had a unique experience to go back to my first area and we actually went to church this week in New Washington my first area! Everyone was so awesome! I think one factor was when I was there I couldn't understand a word they were saying and the people are way cooler when you can actually understand them! But I just was sitting in that small chapel again and thinking about who I was in that chapel 18 months ago and all the things that have happen since then! Then saying the most sincere prayer I think I have ever said. Thanking for each and every day! It was so cool and I still just get the chills thinking about it! Ya looking back..It was way rough being brand new in New Washington but I wouldn't change a single thing!

Cristia is still blowing our mind and worked with the missionaries on Sunday while we were gone! She is not even baptized yet but she is so converted it is crazy! And we haven't done anything!!! We have just watched the Spirit work with her and answered all here questions and been amazed! We asked her why she is doing this so fast. Cuz it is so crazy. She said she had a classmate in college who was a mormon and she said that she looked and acted so different and finally asked why! And thats where it all started! Never in my whole mission have I seen a conversion like this! People are watching you!!! The way you act can really make a difference! The power of an everyday missionary!!!

There are now three on us in our companionship! Elder Smith from California has came in to replace me as Assistant. I still have about 5 more weeks here but my time here is coming to an end! 

Remember how I ate dog in New Washington a few times? That is about the only place in the mission where you can eat dog. Well that same family found out I was coming and cooked another one. Her name is whity. Which happens to be the sister of Trixy.....the one they cooked last year. So ya I am in Asia!!! Dog is still the closest thing I have had to Costa Vida type meat!

Everyone I am having so much fun! This week President Aquino invited us to attend a training video over the internet! The Apostles were teaching. Like they weren't behind a pulpit. The were standing up teaching and asking questions. I have never seen anything like it in my life!!! It was so sweet! The power that they have in amazing! It was so cool to see apostles like that! They are amazing men! I know they are called of God and I Thank Thee O God for Prophets and Apostles!!!!

I love you all so much!!!!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne