Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

 kamoari pa ako diri gihapon sa Roxas!!! So I survived another transfer here in Roxas. Actually not much really changed my apartment is the same. Elder Kellerstrass from Hooper is here and Elder Seeds from West Point is still here. So this morning we actually went around to some schools with the LDS Charities Organization. They came here to Roxas for two weeks to do a bunch of service projects and hand out relief goods. This morning the church paid for a puppet show team to go around to a bunch of different schools to teach about how smoking is bad! This is a huge project and is cool to see how much the church really does is small poor places. I never knew actual how much good the church does around the world. We don't just talk about service but its actually really happening all around the world! And to make it even crazier the leader of the area of the Philippines is from the Philippines and while we were talking he said he actually lived in Utah for 10 years. In Davis County....In Syracuse...On Banberry street! Haha it was so awesome!!! Small small world!!!

Another interesting thing that we did this week is we asked the Captain (which is kinda the leader of a neighborhood) here if we could meet with him and talk to him about service projects. He invited us to a meeting kinda like a city council meeting back at home. It was awesome. They brought but somethings in their town that they need fixing and how we can help! It was very successful and it kinda reminding me watching dad leading a city council meeting with his mallet. Only Filipino style!

So ya these next two weeks there is a big project going on here with the church and even the US Navy. There are members of the US Navy who are doing free surgeries for members here and just so much service is going on here right now its cool to see so many people get the real meaning of being a disciple of Christ! This church is a church of Service!

Mia had a great baptism and has unbelievable testimony. Like I told you before there were a lot of things keeping her and her family getting baptized but she KNOWS it is true and her family will follow her in two more weeks!

I don't have a ton of time to read some extra books so it took me a whole year to read Jesus the Christ By Elder Talmage. I finally finished!!! But wow! That really helps you understand who the Savior really is! Its beautiful and have really grown in actually knowing who Jesus Christ is and what he really did for us!

I love you guys so much!!!! 
Love love love,
Elder Craythorne:)