Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13th 2015

Hello everyone! How is everybodys summer. I got all of your birthday letters this week! Thanks so much for thinking of that. From all my priesthood leaders who helped me so much growing up and get on this mission. I have been so blessed with leaders sacrificing so much for me to take me to awesome camp outs to keep me out of trouble. That is something that is missing here. But the church is just starting and progressing very fast here!

This week was fantastic everyone kinda thinks that I am getting transferred because usually you never stay in one area more than 4 transfers. So its kind of a bitter sweet feeling telling all the people that you love that it might be the last visit. Its cool to see how loving the people are here and I am so so so blessed to be here and learn from such a great humble people.

I read the last talk of President Packer last the conference looking for those treasures that are always in there and I loved how he talked about when out bodies get a cut a scar is left. But because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ when we make a mistake and our spirit gets a spiritual cut through the Atonement no scar will be left. No matter what our weaknesses, trials, sins are he has felt them and paid the price for them so that when we repent no scar will be left behind. I am so thankful for the full knowledge of the Atonement and what it really means. That doctrine is found in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and so great to teach to people who don't quite fully understand yet.

I love reading those talks from our modern Prophet's and Apostles. I am so grateful for their guidance and the opportunity to share what I have felt from being raised in the church!

Keep having a great summer!!! Have fun at EFY! That is a little taste of what I am doing everyday! Talk to you next week!!!!


Elder Craythorne

My boys. I love my apartment!!!
When I went with Elder Kellerstrass I took him to that couple who we met at the bakery if we remember. They were more prepared this time and still as good as ever. They had a problem with their relationship before but now they are ready to get married now! Kinda cool...