Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 22nd

First Baptism
HELLO FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!! Another super crazy week here in the Philippines. Every day is so different you never know what will happen. This week I learned very important lesson. First of all we got robbed on Tuesday!!!! Yeah I know they totally took our window off of its track and it was on the ground. I have spent all morning trying to fix it! We should be getting grills on all of our windows so that doesn't happen again. But the good news is they only took money!!! It could have been much worse. I never have been the most cautious guy and I kinda had a lot of really nice things just sitting out. Palungput ako! But now i have everything hidden in crazy places that they will never find! So lesson learned. But like I said it could have been way way worse! So I feel blessed! 

I ate shark this week that was pretty crazy It was way weird and I don't think I will ever eat it again! This week we had a trainers and Trainees meeting in Iloilo. We are one of the farthest areas from Iloilo so we take a big bus all the way down to Iloilo. We go right down the middle of the Island on dirt road. It is a beautiful drive. But takes about 5 hours and you can't really write or read because it is so bumpy. But It was way cool to see all of my friends from the MTC! And hear about all of their areas. We have an awesome batch and they will all be great missionaries!

This week was a special week because I was able to baptize my first person. Last Saturday his name is Reyes Garganillo. From the PinamokanIsland. He turned 8 and his mom is a member. I love going to see him and playing marbles with him. He tries to hard to teach me how but knows no English so it is a bit difficult but we got it to work. I love him he reminds me so much of my little brothers and sisters! Just so fun and happy all the time! I just have the best little brothers and Sisters. BY the way just a little shout out to my sister Brooklyn it is her birthday this Wednesday! I love her so much! 

We had a bunch of investigators come to church this week and the area is really starting to pick up I love it! Well sorry about another short letter but I am running a little late and I need to head out! I love you all and I love being here as a missionary! I can feel all of your prayers for me and love reading your letters! I love you!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne

Shark anyone??
Take this boat to part of his area twice a week

Elder Craythorne with the local cops after getting robbed