Monday, September 15, 2014

Another week in paradise!!!!

Well hello family and friends! Magandang umaga!!! This week was really different from any week I have had. Like I said last time Elder Nambiowas in the hospital until Tuesday and another Sister in our district Sister Masse also went to the hospital! But I think for anything here you pretty much go straight to the hospital so its not like a huge emergency like it is at home when you go to the hospital! Still crazy and really makes me want to be really safe and healthy. I will don't worry!!!:) So because of this I got to go to every single apartment in Kolibo! Ya on Wednesday since Elder Garvin is the ZL and his comp was still sick I got to go around and show the two new couple missionaries around the whole zone! Ya I got really spoiled this week! I got to see some really cool places all over the zone! So that was awesome!!!!

Alright so to answer all of your questions. I have seen so much progress in the language this week! I will be honest I am pleasantly surprised like yesterday they were asking questions and I totally understood!!! Then after that I totally answered their questions!!! Then I asked them did you understand and they repeated back to me what they learned and what they thought about it! And I just had such a happy happy feeling inside that I can't describe. I have been struggling so much trying to learn a brand new language and when i can finally sorta kinda do it. O man it is the coolest feeling in the whole world!! AHHHH!  I just get so excited! They have a ton of patience for me and love that i am trying to learn their language and so it just makes for a really fun conversation! They really love Americans! It is just so sweet to be here!

So we had a baptism this week! YAY!!!!! It was so cool Well before he was baptized he was was married in the morning! So it was a way special day! He is was solid and being married was a huge sacrifice for him and really shows how much he wants to be baptized! His testimony afterwords was so sweet! Well we have a district activity right now so I have to leave a bit early so this one won't be super detailed I will try and be better next time! But I just want you guys to know I am really doing super good and really loving every day here in the mission. I get to experience some crazy things every day that I wish I could explain. But I am just loving serving a mission here in the Philippines and serving a mission forces you to learn so many different things about the gospel and real life! Like a simple washing machine would bless the lives of the people here so much. Alright I got to run I love you all so much so so much! Thanks for all of the amazing examples you all are. I think I was really born in the best place with the best family! Sorry it was a short one and not a lot of detail. I will get better at these I promise!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne

Brother Jomel's Wedding

Brother Jomel's Baptism

Made his own soy milk and soy flour

Hanging out with Elder Garvin his Zone Leader who lives with him.

Primary mode of transportation