Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016

Hey everyone!!!!!!! Well March 2016 is in the books it will go down as one of my favorite months ever!!!! So so busy! It taught me a lot and I loved it. Now its going to be a little different. There are now 4 missionaries here in the area which means the work is going to EXPLODE!!!!!! It also takes a lot of pressure off us! We are planning on renting a bus to take everyone to General Conference next week! We are all going to roll up for stake conference in style and show the stake that we are for REAL!!!! Ha ha we are so excited!!!! 

Last night was awesome we taught the Solis family which is one of the most influential families in our neighborhood! We tried to teach them when we first got here but they kept saying they were too busy. But we did a simple service project for the neighborhood and they saw. So they actually invited us over to teach them!!! So last night we came and taught the restoration. It was AWESOME!!!! Their nephew is a member and he did a great job helping out. After we were done they invited us to stay for dinner. It took about an hour to cook the food and they dad seriously wouldn't not let us stop the lesson. He wanted us to keep going and teach until the food was done....ya I know.  NEVER HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED!!! So ya they are way excited and we are even more excited for them!!!!

The Garcia family are awesome!!!!! They are such a happy family. Finding families that love each other is like my hobby here. I love nothing more than teaching happy families. The Garcia family is one of them. The husband and the wife both think they are the luckiest people in the world because of who they married. How cool is that?!?! LOVE IT. They are the family in the picture where we are eating dinner with them! 

So ya right now we are training leaders so that missionaries will just have to focus on finding and teaching. We are planning an activity to a river to help build the unity!!! THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!!!!! Just taking things step by step! 

Alright guys have a great week!!!!!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne