Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! It was nice and hot over here! Christmas eve rained so hard and we were soaked!!! But it was so cool! When am I ever going to have a Christmas like that again ever?!?! NEVER!!!! We made it fun and lived it up!

Alright so we had a great baptism of brother dale!!! I can honestly say he was probably the smartest person I have ever taught! Him and his family are as close to an American family as they get! Its way nice! He is working hard to become the valedictorian at his school which is way nice to see here! A lot of people here are pretty comfortable in their situation. Its nice to see people with dreams and goals to improve their lives!

OK well we have the most golden investigator in the whole world and her name is Christia! She is 24 and is relatively a very wealthy 24 year old! This whole situation is like almost too good to be true! So she just heard about the lds church and that it was focuses around families. So she just decided by herself to come. She didn't know any members or missionaries she just came! That was about 3 weeks ago! She met a member from a branch about 5 hours away from here and she invited Christia to the branches Christmas party! SHE WENT. We were also there and had no idea she was coming. President and Sister Aquino were also there. So we asked them if they could give her a ride home back to Iloilo. So our investigator spent a 5hr. car ride with our Mission President and his family!!! Then we get a text that night from President Aquino inviting us to his house for dinner. She came and guess who was there??? CHRISTIA!!! So she stayed and had dinner with us, President Aquino and his family! We were just so shocked! She is one of the first people that has said "I want to investigate this church" She is just so friendly and yesterday just spent all day at church talking with all the old ladies! Usually when investigators come to church we try and find them fellow shippers to show them around. But this time she just finds her own fellow shippers. It has been so perfect. And we talked to the ward and have scheduled appointments to teach her at the houses of the members! It’s been such an ideal situation. Where the members are really doing most of the work!!! Its so sweet!!!

It was way nice to skype you all on Christmas!!! You are all doing so so good! I cannot believe that 2015 is almost over! What a great year! A lot has happened to me and I have learned so much! 2015 is the only year that I have spent 100% of my time to the Lord! I am also really excited for what will happen to me in 2016! Its going to be a big year and I am so ready and so excited!

Have a Happy New Year everyone and have fun at the Cabin!!!!

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne