Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Maayong hapon!!! Just like last week wow I really got stretched last week which was great! I really want and need it! But seriously never have I been so happy than this week! Wow the satisfaction that comes from being a missionary and seeing families slowly change. Those changes all come after keeping a commitment or one of Gods commandment. Its real and its awesome!

Well I wish I could talk more about General Conference but to be honest me and my companion had a rough time during conference. We realized our physical limits might have been pushed pretty good this week and really just crashed when General Conference came around...ya so we were there for the whole time but at the same time not really there! Sunday was better tho and I really like Elder Nelsons talk (Ya I know it was meant for the sisters) but it just got so real to me when he talked about the time he felt the biggest failure and wanted to give up when he was did a few unsuccessful heart surgeries all in the same family! I couldn't imagine that feeling. But I think we can relate probably to a smaller level of failing at something. I know I have. And we choose if we let it destroy us or if we use it as a spring and become better from it! I think we have seen both sides. Another thing is the fear of failing which again I am guilty of. I have noticed sometimes I don't give all my effort in something from the fear that it won't end up working out! But that is just so dumb and is how Satan keeps us from our potential! Ben, Ryker, Brooklyn, Easton, Lexi, Hunter! Whatever you want to do give it everything you got and expect great things but also know that things will not always work out how you would like it. But don't let the fear of failing keep you from giving it your all! 

The Selim family came to General Conference and I am always a little nervous about taking investigators to conference because its all English! But they wanted to listen to the prophet. But like I said I was a little nervous. We also did 4 hours straight with no break so the Sunday morning and afternoon session were combined. Anyway they came and loved it and told us all the things they learned which really surprised us. They got so much from it and wow is that cool to see. 2 months ago I don't know if they would have been able to do that! Blessings from keeping the commandments of God. They progress and change! So awesome! The field is so white and ready to harvest. Harvesting does take a lot of work and effort but "How great shall be your joy!"

Alright well enough of that so this week was transfers and we also had a meeting with all the zone leaders where we called for a big "step up" of the missionaries and to do things more like the PMG says to do things not just from what we saw done before us. I have really had to change some of the things I did before and wow it is amazing! Our goal here in the area is families families families. Everything we do revolves around finding families to teach. There is no better way to feel like a successful missionary than to focus on families! Its exciting and contagious...and yes a challenge! 

Those three families I mentioned a few weeks ago are doing really good, just the transition and conversion is a process and will take time. It is fun and it is exciting tho. I know that it will all work our how God wants it to. I have faith and complete trust in Him and His plan!

I love you all so much,

Elder Jackson Erik Craythorne