Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 2

OK well first off I made a voice recording to send but I totally forgot to bring it so next time! I like doing those I can put so much info in them in a way short amount of time! So I will be better at them so I can kinda prepare Ben, Ryker,Easton, Brooklyn and Lexi for an experience like this. I feel so lucky to be here in the Philippines. There are so many things I have to say and I had a lot in the voice recording that I forgot. But I do want to spend a little more time in this group email. Make it a little bit meaningful. So first of all today we had a way sweet zone activity today. We went hiking today to a waterfall. It was such a cool hike and we brought food with us and we just all threw it into a pile of banana leaves and just dove in. Eating as much food as you can with your hands. It was awesome. And my mission prez is so cool and him and his wife got in the waterfall. And let us all go under and we had a great time. I don't think that there are too many mission presidents who would let us do that but it really was fun! He works really hard and has a lot of fun. Everyone just loves him!

So my area in New Washington is awesome there is a super cool place. I don't remember if I told you about the island that we have but it is really big and there are a lot of people there. We go there about twice a week. It is such a different place than the rest of my area. Kind of isolated from the rest of the main island. They don't have a lot and it is a big sacrifice to go to church because it is such a long ways and you have to take a boat. But the people there are so amazing and nice. Everyone loves helping me learn the language and that's how I can really connect with them. They feel so good that they can help me out and makes for a better lesson. When I first ask them to help me and teach me they are more willing to learn from us! They all let us into their houses and let us teach a lesson. Just cuz they are that nice!

This week we had stake conference and wow that was so cool to see. There were so many people in the stake center that they could not fit everyone inside. People were sitting outside. There are so many families in this stake and I was amazing to see how happy they all are and how the Gospel has blessed them and made them all so happy.

So the language is coming! I learn so so so much everyday it is crazy. All of the people are trying to help me learn how to speak the language. There is about half Tagalog and half Aklanon. Which is a crazy sounding language that sounds like they are gargling mouthwash. But my comp is really good at Tagalog and will be so good for me! This week has been a little weird cuz it has been me and 3 other Filipinos in our house. They all are from the same area and spoke their native language which was way different. So that was really interesting. Not a lot of English this week. But that is so good for me. They are crazy and have a lot of fun. This mission is so sweet. The quote of the week I also forgot to bring with me but it said something like. "Humility is fertile soil where inspiration can grow." It was more beautiful than that but that was the idea and I really liked it because as a missionary you and in constant need of inspiration from our Heavenly Father and you really need to keep yourself ready to receive help. So thanks again for all of your letters I wish I could write all of you back but I can't. But I do love all of you and love hearing from you all. I have the best family! But I love being a missionary and love learning so much everyday! This really is going to be so good for me.


Elder Craythorne

So your area sounds really pretty.  Is it like that in the whole mission or you just got lucky to go to a beautiful place for your first area?

I think a lot of the areas up north and kinda farther away from Iloilo are beautiful. We are not in a mountainous area and there are a bunch of them. New Washington is kinda a beach town with a bunch of fishermen. And they eat a ton of fish!!! 

Do you keep pretty busy day to day?

O ya you are always busy always teaching. My comp is good at talking to everyone.

So what language do you study? 

I am learning how to speak Tagalog first. But I need to be able to understand Aklanon. But Aklanon is way weird and hard to speak. Everyone on this island understands Tagalog so all the missionaries say that I am lucky that I get to learn Tagalog first!  I can take that with me to all of my areas.

Anyone close to baptism yet?

From us? No.  We will have a few in the next month. The problem is none of them are married and they have to get married and that is expensive and hard for them to do! There is one sister who wants to get baptized so bad but she separated from her husband 12 years ago and now is living with someone else. So she has to get divorced and remarried. That is going to be tough for her!